In financing, "Il était une fois en avril / Once Upon a Time in April", drama, 30m00s, IKKI Films (FR) (Oscar nomination 2018).

Sarajevo 1990. The slow and inevitable decline of Yugoslavia is in the air. Two sisters and the daughter of the older one come together after a long time to celebrate the twenty-fifth birthday of the younger sister, Ana. She lives alone in the family apartment that she has left unchanged since their father’s death. While the party continues into the night, the violence of their childhood reemerges and the three young women are compelled to face their haunting past as well as the rising tensions around them. As the family unit collapses the radio voices from outside murmur the collapse of a nation.


In development, "The Day After / Le jour d'après", drama, 90m00s, France, Belgium.

Serge and Jeanne decide to divorce. Their children are small and don’t know anything about it yet. But the separation takes a different turn when Serge learns he only has little time left to live. Torn between reason, feeling of guilt and fear of the involuntary separation forever, Serge and Jeanne try to find the best way out for everyone.

In development, "Snow on Cherry Blossoms", drama, 120m00s, France, Bosnia.

Bosnia 1878. The Ottoman Empire is collapsing and Bosnia is being gradually invaded by the Austro-Hungarian army. During the turmoil that lasts several months, a young Muslim woman, Alma, is bound to flee with her children and her Jewish friend Samuel, and leave everything behind. She loses her husband, the wealthy trader Ibrahim-aga, her Orthodox stepmother, Smilja, and parts from her unrevealed childhood love, Milan. But despite the raging chaos during the months of anarchy and holy wars, she decides to go back and start anew.