2016, "Magda Mozarka", romantic period drama, 15m00s, Bakom Productions, Croatia; dmp Productions, France (Guadeloupe).

We are on the small island of Šipan, Croatia, in the 1930s. Magda is getting ready for the return of her fiancé, Romano, from America. Every day she goes down to the port and sings at the pier. The villagers mock her. She waits. 



Film supported by Région Guadeloupe (France), Conseil Départemental de la Guadeloupe (France), Town of Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Film acquired by SHORTS TV


Festivals & screenings:

2019 Screening at Story Based, Luxembourg 

2019 Screening at Silverway Paris, France

2018 Screening at the Peckhamplex Cinema, London, UK

2018 Screening at the Wimbledon Library Film Club, London, UK

2017 VII Visualizame, Almeria, Spain

2017 Academy Qualification Screening, Downtown Independent Theatre, Los Angeles, USA

2017 SEEFest - South East European Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA

2017 RIFF – Richmond International Film Festival, Richmond, USA

2016 21 Islands International Short Film Festival, New York City, USA

2016 Sochi International Film Awards, Sochi, Russia (out of competition)

2016 KIN International Women’s Film Festival, Yerevan, Armenia

2016 Tuzla Film Festival, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2016 UGU Film Festival, Port Shepstone, South Africa >> Special Recognition Award - Best Short Film<<

2016 Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Dubrovnik, Croatia


Film markets:

2017 MIFTC, Festival FÉMI, Guadeloupe, France

2017 Short Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, France

2016 Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival, France

2016 HAVC - Croatian Audiovisual Centre & Film Fund - CATALOGUE


Distributor - Fabulosis Films  

27 Meeting House Lane, London, SE15 2UN, United Kingdom

Contact: Lydia Wheatley

Tel: 44 74827 48425




Facebook page:



Radio Interview at Web7Radio in March 2018 (In French)


2011, "IUSTITIA", drama, 19m00s, France, TOMAY Productions.

Two women become cell mates in prison. Maria has just been sentenced for a crime of passion. Isabel has already been serving time for war crimes. Maria suffers pangs of conscience and is plagued by nightmares. Isabel is remorseless for crimes she maintains were justified. Tensions mount as they make moral judgments against each other. Only one can survive.


2013 Festival Nouveaux Cinémas, Paris, France


2012 Café de Paris, Paris, France, selection Collectif Prod
2011 Espace Beaujon, Paris, France, selection TOMAY Productions

Film markets:

2012 Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival, France
2012 Clermont-Ferrand, France


2009, "La descente / Descent", drama, 16m40s, France.

Brother and sister hide in a cellar to escape the onset of war. They strive to maintain normalcy, but the terrifying presence of war and the disruption of time and space break their resolve.

Film markets:

2010 Clermont-Ferrand, France
2010 Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival, France
2010 Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium


2007, "Interview d’une jeune veuve / Interview of a Young Widow", drama, 07m20s, France.

The voice of a young woman relates a story. A story of a young white woman and a young black man. A story of embarrassing moments and hurtful gestures. A story of discouragement. Of suicide. And finally…of hope.

TV Screenings:

2011 Independant Film Television, IF TV, Paris, France


2007-2013: screennings around France and Croatia (Selection Collectif Prod and Agence du Court Métrage)


2013 BEST-OF Pre-Festival BD6Né, Paris, France
2009 Festival la Normandie et le monde, Vernon, France
2008 Paris Tout Court, Paris, France
2008 Nouveaux Cinémas, Paris, France

Film markets:

2008 Clermont-Ferrand, France
2008 Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival, France


2005, "Le tire-bouchon / The Bottle Opener", comedy, 12m00s, Paris, France.

Directed within the course Atelier Ciné-écriture.

Lorenzo is fascinated by the beauty of his neignbour, Mathilde. He finds all sorts of excuses to knock on her door. One evening he finds her in an awful state and takes care of her. The romance seems perfect. But one year later, everyday frustrations take over.

2002, "Derrière la porte / Behind the Door", drama, 12m00s, Paris, France.

Co-directed with Jacobo Rios within the course Atelier Cinéma at the University Paris 13, France.

Diverse group of people give shape to undefined outside threat that makes them share a shelter together.